The Most Important Factors Buyers Look At When Deciding To Purchase Your Home: Location, Presentation, And Price

If your house isn’t selling, it may be time to re-think your advertising. Most buyers are looking at properties well in advance of purchase. Some research for years. If your listing and promotional details remain unchanged for months on end, your potential buyers will notice. This is when you should up your advertising.

A great way to refresh your advertising is adding new photos. Photos are one of the most important ways buyers connect with and spark interest in your house. Give different angles. Even post a youtube video showing a thorough walk-through of the house. Update your property description; work with your agent and be creative. When a buyer is shopping again, they may stop for a second at yours and give it a thought whereas last time they kept scrolling.

If you’ve had your property listed for some time, the market will have shifted around it. Reassess based on comparable properties in todays market terms. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and be honest about whether you’re listing your house for a reasonable amount. Work with your agent and lower that price as much as you need to. There’s no point clinging to a price dream if your property sits on the market for another year.

You should possibly consider taking your home off the market for a little while. While hearing that is very disappointing and might throw you immediately on the defense, you should know that if you keep your property on the market for a long time without a break, usually a few different thinks start to happen.

The first, is that buyers will make a mental note to avoid it, fearing something is wrong because it’s been hanging around so long. Next, buyers will use it’s time on market as a negotiating tool, trying to leverage your desperation and arguing that you should be glad for any offer you get. Or, thirdly, buyers will tune out your property altogether, skimming past it in listings because they’ve seen it so often they’re blind to it.

Three months is often a
turning point, when buyers slip comfortably into one of the above scenarios, and you start to get worried. If you can afford it, giving your property a rest for a few months means you’ll have a whole new crop of buyers ferreting out their perfect place. They’ll never have met yours, so you’re in with a fresh chance!

Ask others what they think you could do to improve the aesthetics of the home, in case that is the cause. It could be the paint color, lack of decent curb appeal, or a small kitchen. The impression that too much renovation will be needed, or just that the place seemed too messy whenever it was being inspected. Don’t be afraid to try home staging. It can make all the difference. It might be that a more substantial renovation is needed, and if it will increase your odds of sale and a good price, it’s probably a better alternative than sitting on the market indefinitely.

You may have done a ton of homework on selling your house, but forgot to scope out the competition. Work with your agent to get a handle on how your place measures up against similar properties in the area; in architecture and style, price, size, bedroom and bathroom numbers, land and yard area, proximity to amenities, quality of interiors, style of presentation, and everything in between.

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  1. Chris

    Please don’t neglect your yard when you are trying to sell your house. It is said that curb appeal is more important than the inside of the house. No one wants to see weeds taking over through all the flowerbeds or on the front yard. If you’re not going to do anything to your yard…at least weed.

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