How To Give Your Home The Little Extra Push It May Need In Order to Sell It

Is your home not selling? There usually are several reasons why. Usually, the location will have a lot to do with it. Buying a home in an area that provides residents with access to services and effective transportation is important. However, a house off the highway, near the airport, or next to the a college campus will be a harder sell. See: Top Ten Things to Do Before Listing Your Property for Sale.

Perhaps you tried to do renovations, and they didn’t go too well. Maybe your home looks like a total DIY nightmare, despite your best intentions. Though putting money into renovations generally increases the value of a home, poorly done renovations can have the opposite effect. If buyers feel that the renovations will have to be redone, there’s a good chance they’ll make a lower offer or keep looking for a move-in ready home.

Unusual paint choices (both exterior and interior) can turn off buyers, even if it looks great, and just like the den you saw in Veranda. The problem is that you want the buyer to feel like it is “their” home. By customizing it, it feels like “your” home when they walk in. If you’ve taken specific rooms and designed them for different purposes, they will have to spend time turning the room back into its original use. The first thing potential buyers will see is the exterior of the property. If the house appears to be outdated, people will assume it is the same for the inside. Buyers don’t like dated homes.

Many people have pet allergies. It is a good idea to find somewhere else for your pets to stay until the home is sold. At the very most, make sure they are gone during open houses or showings. It’s not cute. A good cleaning and repairing of any visible damage will help to mitigate the potential devaluation of your home associated with pet ownership.

Also, a dodgy neighborhood with a high crime rate can scare potential buyers away. For example, perhaps well-known crimes, or death(s) are associated with your house or neighborhood. Most people don’t want to live in a home where they feel that something awful has happened. Though these kinds of issues may be out of your control, they unfortunately do have an impact on the resale value of your home.

Many buyers are leery of purchasing foreclosures that are being sold on an “as-is” basis. The fear is a rational one- the home could possibly be a money pit, or require vast amounts of repairs. Of course, some good homes go through foreclosures but be sure to do research and ask many questions before you shell out offers. Read: Home Repairs and Touch-ups.

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  1. Mark

    If you are thinking of selling your house, and are thinking of renovating a room before you list sure that you consult people for their opinions. You cannot go by yours alone. Everyone has different tastes, and you need a few people to be honest with you about what they think. Now, that doesn’t mean that they won’t say that sounds like it will look great, it just means that there’s a possibility that you are going to get some constructive criticism. You’ll regret it later if you don’t get some opinions.

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